Digging up Jericho: Past, Present & Future

An international conference, London, 29-30 June 2015

Jericho is an iconic site with a long and impressive history stretching from the Epipalaeolithic to the present day. Once dubbed the ‘Oldest City in the World’, it has been the focus of intense archaeological activity and media interest in the 150 years since its discovery. From the 1950s, when Kathleen Kenyon’s work at the site drew attention for its rigorous application of archaeological method, to the more recent Italian-Palestinian Expedition and the Kirbat al-Mafjar Archaeological Project, Jericho and its surrounding landscape has always played a key role in our understanding of this fascinating region.

These diverse threads of the heritage, archaeology and history of the Jericho Oasis will be drawn together in a two-day conference, hosted jointly by the Council for the British Research in the Levant, the Institute of Archaeology UCL, and the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project. Sessions will be held on the general themes of Historical Perspectives, Current Fieldwork, Specialized Studies and Cultural Heritage, with a series of internationally significant speakers exploring the significance and legacy of this influential site.

29-30 June 2015

Conference fee
Students: £20
Other: £40

Institute of Archaeology
University College London
31-34 Gordon Square, London
WC1H 0PY United Kingdom

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